We make History accessible.

ARMARIUS is the cutting-edge visual materials platform for filmmakers and history lovers.

Historical artifacts are timeless treasures!

“Our platform is more than pixels on a screen; it’s a testament to the resilience of memory and the power of storytelling.
We believe in the transformative magic of visual materials – its ability to inspire, educate, and connect us to our shared human legacy.”

Historical Footage: Armarius is your gateway to a rich repository of historical visual materials, meticulously curated to capture the essence of different eras. Our collection is a visual tapestry that tells the stories of the past.

 Immersive Journey Through Time: Dive into the past with our immersive visual materials, bringing iconic moments, cultures, and events to life. Whether you’re a filmmaker, educator, or history enthusiast or other, Armarius offers a visual journey that transcends the boundaries of time.

Search and Discover History: Our user-friendly platform empowers you to navigate through history effortlessly. Utilize our advanced search features to find specific visual material, explore diverse themes, and uncover hidden gems that resonate with your project or interests.

Exceptional Quality: Armarius is committed to delivering visual material of the highest quality. Every clip, every photo, every document is a carefully preserved piece of history, ensuring that your creative projects benefit from a level of authenticity and detail that only genuine historical visual material can provide.

Licensing Options: Tailor your experience with flexible licensing options that suit your specific needs. Armarius provides licensing for various purposes, from educational use to commercial projects, allowing you to bring history to a broader audience.

Contributor Community: Join our growing community of contributors dedicated to preserving and sharing historical moments. If you have visual material to share, Armarius provides a platform to contribute your valuable content, enriching the collective tapestry of history.

Global Historical Perspective: Armarius sources visual material from around the world, offering a global perspective on different eras and events. Immerse yourself in the diverse cultures, revolutions, and milestones that have shaped our world.


And don`t forget: Whatever you capture today, will become history tomorrow!

Our Collections

Stefi Reed Hastings

"Love Nature's team is both original and possesses a natural comprehension of their customers' requirements, making collaborating with them a delightful experience."

Douglas Hinchcliffe

"As an antique collector, I'm excited about GCM's precise digitization services. Their use of advanced technology preserves the essence of my artifacts, opening up new possibilities. Thanks to their expertise, my collection now has a digital life, allowing me to share its beauty and ensure its enduring legacy.“

Heidi Hartwell

"The team's exceptional handling of digitizing my father's private collection, a 10th Mountain Division veteran's legacy, showcases their dedication to preserving and honoring important historical artifacts."

E. John B. Allen

"Digitizing and preserving historical material is not just about safeguarding the past; it's about ensuring that our collective heritage remains accessible and relevant for future generations."

Ken Corrock

"The team brought my life’s collection of slides of over 50 years of my journey to a media that can be enjoyed and shared. Their knowledge of media transfer is state of the art and professional. I recommend their service to all who want to preserve your media."

Our Story

Our global historical perspective sources material from around the world, offers insights into diverse cultures, revolutions, and milestones that have shaped our shared human legacy.
ARMARIUS is more than a platform; it’s a belief in the transformative magic of historical visual material – its ability to inspire, educate, and connect us across time and space.

In the heart of ARMARIUS, the spirit of the Armarius, the guardian of the past, comes alive. Just like the custodian of the Sanctum Librarium, we dedicate ourselves to preserving and sharing the wisdom of generations long gone. We champion literacy and promote learning, becoming stewards of wisdom and beacons lighting the way for those who dare to seek knowledge in the pages of history.